Ugland House is an office building in
George Town, Grand Cayman and is the headquarters of international law firm Maples and Calder.

The Cayman Islands has always been an open, free market, economy, and from the 1960's onwards, successfully invested its "historic capital" to the benefit of the financial services sector.

Cayman's anti-money laundering laws are recognized by the Financial Action Task Force as more compliant with international standards than those of the U.K. and by the International Monetary Fund for promoting
a "strong compliance culture.

  Op Ed in Forbes.com  
"A Healthy Economy Needs Offshore Financial Centers" by Charles Jennings

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"A Healthy Economy Needs Offshore Financial Centers" is an OpEd written by Charles Jennings, former managing partner at Maples and Calder. Published on 1st April 2009 by Forbes.com, Jennings' editorial responds to recent political attacks on Ugland House that propagate common misconceptions about offshore financial centres and their vital role in the global economy.